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Treatment of infected wood

Put an end to marine borer attacks on maritime woodwork 
with TeredoSTOP

Based on two patent pending technologies, Teredo is the only company to offer a both efficient and environmentally careful treatment of maritime woodwork.

Now it is possible to treat both new and already installed woodwork in an efficient and environmentally careful manner with two completely new and patented technologies - resulting in a marked prolongation of the wood's life. The product is expected to get its final approval for use in the near future.

About TeredoSTOP

TeredoSTOP (patent pending) is developed by Teredo and is an environmentally careful preparation.

TeredoSTOP has been tested with good results in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute regarding the preparation's effect on marine borer, degree of leaching and environmental impact.

TeredoSTOP is based on active components which are environmentally careful and labelled as such at EU level.

However, a recent amendment to an act has necessitated a renewed approval which is expected to be ready in the near future.

The treatment is careful, efficient and simple

Figure 1:

- A hole is drilled from the top of the bollard

- A galvanized iron tube is mounted in the top of the bollard

Figure 2:

- The patented preparation TeredoSTOP is pushed through the bollard by means of a light excess pressure

- The galvanized iron tube is closed with a cap

Figure 3:

- The entire bollard is now saturated with TeredoSTOP. Existing marine borer attacks are stopped and future attacks are prevented.

With TeredoSTOP marine borer attacks on the maritime woodwork can be stopped efficiently and in an environmentally careful manner

Figur 1

Figur 2

Teredo course of treatment

1. Status report
Ultrasonic equipment measures the wood's condition accurately. Based on this, a detailed status report is prepared together with the recommended treatment.

2. Primary treatment with TeredoSTOP
The treatment includes a guaranteed five year prolongation of the treated woodwork's life. The price for the treatment depends on the actual conditions. If you compare the cost per year for replacing destroyed woodwork with the price per year for a course of Teredo treatment the port will typically save 25 - 35 per cent.

3. After-treatment with TeredoSTOP
When the woodwork has been treated with TeredoSTOP, its lifespan can be prolonged considerably after the guarantee period with regular after-treatments with TeredoSTOP.

Service agreement
Teredo offers a user-friendly service agreement which automatically reminds the port about the optimal timing both for the primary treatment after the status report as well as after-treatments. The agreement is flexible and can be adjusted to the requirements of the port.

Get a free quote

Teredo will measure the amount and type of woodwork which you wish to treat for free. Subsequently, we will quote you a fixed price for the job in question.

Figur 3

In very few years, marine borer attacks can undermine the port's woodwork. The four photos show an attacked bollard at different water depths