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Teredo ApS

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Jimmi Oddersborg

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TLF +4520455545

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Since the days of the wooden vessels, marine borer has been one of maritime woodwork's biggest enemies. Previously, it was not uncommon that a wooden vessel would have to be scrapped after only a few months' on sea due to marine borer attacks.

Teredo specialises in a new and breakthrough way of testing and preserving bollards and wooden bridges. The novelty is that existing bollards can be treated so you avoid an expensive replacement with new bollards. Naturally, this is a much cheaper solution which at the same time is the most environmentally careful treatment of maritime woodwork on today's market.

An overall solution includes a status test including recommended treatment of the port's woodwork, the treatment itself as well as any subsequent treatment.

Company history

Based on two revolutionary inventions

Teredo was founded in 2002 in the South Funen port of Svendborg by entrepreneur and professional diver Jimmi Oddersborg.

The business is based on two revolutionary and internationally patent pending inventions for treatment of maritime woodwork as well as a close strategic collaboration with Canada's leading company within ultrasonic testing of woodwork, Foreshore Technologies Inc. A type of ultrasonic engineering which makes it possible to test the condition of the woodwork in a cheap and accurate manner.

The two patent pending inventions are a preparation/liquid which can stop and prevent marine borer attacks on woodwork in sea water with great effect and a method for applying the preparation into woodwork already in use in the ports.

The preparation's ability to stop marine borer attacks on maritime woodwork is documented in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute.

Teredo solves problems all over Denmark and abroad in close collaboration with our partner on the Canadian and American markets.

The company's business idea

Testing, treatment and preservation of maritime woodwork

The company's business idea is to offer owners of maritime woodwork positioned in sea water cost-effective solutions, that is tests and treatments which prevent and stop marine borer attacks.

The company offers innovative solutions which are environmentally sustainable.

The company adapts to different needs by means of customised solutions for the individual customer.

Through intensive research and product development, Teredo will always be amongst the leading suppliers of technology for protection of woodwork against marine borer attacks on maritime woodwork.

This will contribute to the protection and preservation of wood as a material in maritime environments.