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Teredo ApS

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Jimmi Oddersborg

Østergade 34a

5900 rudkøbing


TLF +4520455545

TLF +4520455545

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Teredo offers an efficient and environmentally careful solution against marine borer attacks. First, we prepare a status report and based on this we plan the treatment of the woodwork so we achieve optimal protection against present and future marine borer attacks.

Savings of 25 - 35 per cent compared to other solutions

The testing and treatment of the port's woodwork are combined and by this we ensure the lowest possible maintenance and preservation costs.

- It is the cheapest solution in terms of Danish kroner per year.

- It is a solution which provides a complete preservation of the maritime look.

- It is a solution which causes minimal nuisances before, during and after the treatment.

- And then it is both the most efficient and careful treatment on the market today.

All in all, the treatment means savings of 25 - 35 per cent compared to other solutions.