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Teredo ApS

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TLF +4520455545

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ROV (Remotely operated underwater vehicle)

We work mostly with the type of ROV we call inspection ROV.

They can also perform small tasks, pick up small items, elevator cables, open valves and the latest is that we have made jetting equipment to clean the foundations. We always try with different types of measuring equipment to satisfy our customers' needs. We also work with large ROV systems and, if there is any desire, provide service with these through our partners. So we can offer all kinds of ROV tasks

ROV Services

We offer many different types of ROV services:

  • Inspection of ship wrecks

  • Seabed study

  • Pipeline inspections

  • Insurance Inspection

  • Inspection of the ship hull

  • Sea / pipe inspections

  • Port inspections

  • Underwater video footage

  • Salvage support

  • Marine biology support

  • UXO study

  • Diver support

  • Hot water tank inspection

  • Sprinkler / tank inspection

And much more If necessary, we can always deliver larger ROV settings, work class ROV s, 5 function manipulators, USBL systems etc. Through our business relations, and resolve any ROV jobs.