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Marine borer

Teredo specialises in a new and breakthrough way of testing and preserving bollards and wooden bridges. The novelty is that existing bollards can be treated so you avoid an expensive replacement with new bollards. Naturally, this is a much cheaper solution.

Based on a close strategic collaboration with Canada's leading company within ultrasonic testing - Foreshore Technologies Inc. Teredo can now exclusively offer the effectice ultrasonic test, the PEERsystem, in Europe.

Types of marine borer

At the Danish coastlines there are three species:

The biggest, Teredo norvegica, is usually only found at Jutland's west coast. It grows faster than the others and is able to destroy the attacked wood in a shorter period of time, fortunately, it is, however, rare.

The most common type at the west coast is Teredo megotara which has also been found a few places near Frederikshavn.

Teredo navalis is widespread in the Danish inland waters excpet for ein the Baltic Sea south of Amager and east of Falster. It can live in water with a lower salt content than the two other species.

Marine borer or not
- we must take care of the environment

Teredo navalis

Due to increasingly stricter demands of the preparation's environmental impact, more and more of the traditional wood preservatives with documented environmental problems are today prohibited - and with good reason. In this case, the Danish government is showing the way for a general European and American change of attitudes. Naturally, the problem is that this has resulted in even more severe marine borer attacks - the combination of improved living conditions for marine borer as well as limited possibilities to stop the attacks have resulted in a massive increase in attacks.

Teredo is the only company to offer a both efficient and environmentally careful treatment of maritime woodwork against marine borer.

It looks like a sculpture but it is a piece of woodwork which has been exposed to serious marine borer attacks