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New, efficient ultrasonic equipment finds marine borer in woodwork

Get the port's woodwork status tested
Marine borer attacks are growing. Attacks by marine borer have increased in the past year. Cleaner water, warmer summers and by that higher water temperatures have created significantly better living conditions for marine borer.

Attacked wood in bollards, bridge constructions and palings become unstable and may pose a serious safety risk to both people and equipment.

Based on a close collaboration with Canada's leading company within ultrasonic testing, Foreshore Technologies Inc. Teredo can now exclusively offer the efficient ultrasonic test, the PEERsystem, in Europe.

PEERsystem has been used in North America since the 1980s with fantastic results and it gives an accurate picture of what woodwork has been attacked and to what extent. Not only does the PEERsystem meet, it also exceeds the requirements made by the US Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory.

How you benefit from a status test

Get a complete review of the woodwork. What woodwork is attacked? What is the extent? What woodwork is in good condition?

- The report is an accurate basis for planning replacement, maintenance and preservation measures and the result is lower costs.

- The report features user-friendly graphics which illutrate the condition of the wood as well as recommended treatment of the woodwork.

- The report may constitute documentation in connection with financial decisions.

A brief outline of the PEERsystem

The ultrasonic equipment measures the amount of wood which in reality is left in the woodwork. Not only does the PEERsystem meet, it also exceeds the requirements made by the US Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory.

- Teredo has the exclusive right to use the PEERsystem in Europe.

- The equipment has been successfully used in North America since the 1980s.

Advantages of the PEERsystem

- The accuracy of the measurement is +/-10 %

- The test is not damaging to the woodwork

- The equipment measures through materials such as PVC and rubber

By means of new patented ultrasonic equipment marine borer is found in the maritime woodwork

The condition of the woodwork is documented in a clear report


Selected Danish harbours
- Københavns Havn (Kalkbrænderihavnen og Fiskerihavnen)
- Svendborg Havn
- Spodsbjerg Havn
- Rantzausminde Havn
- Helsingør Nordhavn
- Nakskov Lystbådehavn Hestehoved
- Lynæs Lystbådehavn

Selected international harbours (more than 100 references)
- City of Monterey, California, USA
- Department of National Defence Piers Esquimalt, 
British Columbia, Canada
- City of New York, New York, USA
- Oil Refinery Piers, Anacortes, Washington, USA
- City Pier, Valdez, Alaska, USA

City of Monterey Piers

Department of National

Defence Piers Esquimalt

City of Monterey Piers

Oil Refinery Piers,

Anacortes, Tesoro Pier

Get a free quote

Teredo will measure the amount and type of woodwork which you wish to inspect with the PEERsystem. Subsequently, we will quote you a fixed price for the job in question.

In very few years, marine borer attacks can undermine the port's woodwork. The four photos show an attacked bollard at different water depths.