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Teredo ApS

CVR: ​33096275​

Jimmi Oddersborg

Østergade 34a

5900 rudkøbing


TLF +4520455545

TLF +4520455545

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Teredo also offers other underwater solutions with a team of professional business divers.

  • Density measurement of spun and change of anode

  • Other underwater surveys

  • Blasting tasks Welding tasks

  • Construction work Environmental / Seabed Surveys

  • Survey on the seabed

With a specially constructed "sled"

TOAD Sled ™ has

larger areas Investigated

quickly and efficiently

At different depths of water

Ready to solve almost any kind of diving task, be it big and small

Teredo Has a wide range of customers, ranging from private to large multinational companies. Customers are typically port authorities, shipping companies, shipowners, insurance companies, contractors and actors / companies. Among other things, we make inspections, searches, salvage of lost objects, submarine constructions and replacing zinc anodes and cutting off trosser / net.

  • State reports of ports and bridges

  • Ultrasonic measurements

  • Repair Bedding 

  • Concrete casting / bulwark Welding

  • Cutting

  • Blasting

  • Bottom protection

  • Cathodic protection

  • Sprinkler tanks

  • Thickness measurements

  • High pressure spray

  • Inspections / Video

  • Cleaning of pools and aquariums like the Odense zoo and Billund shark bassin